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Acrylic and RW3 Slab Phantoms
HDR Chamber for AL Source Calibration
ICRU Acrylic Calibration Phantom
POSICHECK Source Position Check
Water Phantom 4322 for Horizontal Beams
Water Phantom 41023 for Horizontal Beams
Therapy Beam Analysis
Water Phantom 41001 for Vertical Beams
MP3 Water Phantom System
Stationary Water Phantom
MP3-M Water Phantom System
Detector Extension Cables
MP3-P Phantom Tank
Barometer Thermometer
MP3-T Phantom Tank
Patient and Brachytherapy Dosimetry
MP3-XS Phantom Tank
VIVODOS In-Vivo Dosemeter
MP2 Phantom Tank
VIVODOS E In-Vivo Dosemeter
MP1, MP1-S, MP1-M Phantom Tanks
MULTIDOS Multi Channel Dosemeter
PLEXITOM 2D Positioning Device
In-Vivo Probes
TRUFIX Detector Positioning
DCMS Diode Ceiling Mount System
TBA Scanning Detectors
DIODE MATE Mobile Unit
LA48 Linear Chamber Array
VivoSoft In-Vivo Software
TPR Options
MultiSoft Afterloading Software
ME48F Fast Measurement System
Afterloading Probes
Medical Physics Control Center
Afterloading Calibration Phantom
FilmSoft Software
OPTIDOS Brachytherapy Dosemeter
Film Digitizers for Film Densitometry
OPTIDOS Measuring Phantoms
TBA Trolley
SOURCECHECK Source Strength Test
Cable Sets for Fixed Cable Installation
SOURCECHECK Optional Accessories
LA48 1D-Air Scanner Gantry Mount Device
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