1. Radiation Products View  
     • Drawings and Diagrams  

     • International Standards

        The quality management system of PTW-Freiburg is certified according to the appropriate
        quality management standards. The medical and electric products are manufactured in strict
        accordance with valid international standards.


     • Connector Design

        The following overview of connecting systems facilitates the identification of the adequate
        connector to fit your measuring system. Outer shape, colors and the size of the housing may
        vary, depending on the production year and the manufacturer.


     • PTW Detectors

        This guide gives a review of the complete range of PTW radiation detectors arranged in the
        order of their scope. Some of the detectors are suitable for various applications. Especially         the ion chambers designed for absolute dosimetry in radiotherapy can also be used for         therapy beam analysis.

2. Absorbed Dose Determination in Photon and High Energy Electron Beams  

     • Introduction

        This document constitutes an excerpt of procedures and data from various dosimetry
        protocols for the determination of absorbed dose to water using ionization chambers.


     • General Instructions

        All formulae in this document used for the determination of absorbed dose to water Dw
        refer to a dosemeter reading M which is corrected for the influence quantities given
        in chapters 2.4 - 2.7.


     • Kilovoltage X-Ray Beams


     • High Energy Photon Beams


     • High Energy Electron Beams

        The beams quality is specified by R50, the depth in water at which the absorbed dose
        is 50% of its value at the absorbed dose maximum.


     • Measurements in Acrylic Phantoms

        For dosimetry in high energy photon or electron beams all dosimetry protocols described
        in this document ( IAEA TRS 398, AAPM TG-51, DIN 6800-2 ) require absorbed dose
        measurements in real water.


     • References

        [AAPM21]   A protocol for the determination of absorbed dose from high-energy photon and
        electron beams. AAPM Task Group 21. Med. Phys. 10(6), Nov/Dec 1983, 741ff


     • Appendix A : Summary of PTW Chamber Data

        PTW Cylindrical Chambers & PTW Plane Parallel Chambers ▶▶▶

3. The Cathode Ray Tube site  
     • CRT's  
     • Camera tubes  
     • X-Ray tubes  
     • Geissler tubes  
     • Crookes tubes  
4. Impactscan site  
    • IMPACT Group  
    • The IAEA website  
    • CT Dosimetry - ImPACT's CT dosimetry tool  

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